May 30, 2024

What is the Purpose of a Nursery School?

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What is the Purpose of a Nursery School

nursery in JLT is very similar to a regular day nursery, except it is attached to a primary education institution and has a trained teacher. Unlike regular day nurseries, nursery schools are attached to a school and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Many nurseries are free, state-run, or private, charging varying fees. All have the same goal: to prepare your child for primary school.

Preparation for kindergarten

As with starting kindergarten, the essential part of preparing your child to transition to a new school is relaxation. Some essential kindergarten preparations are practical, like labeling clothes with their name and trying on the shoes on the right foot. You can also explore the school environment before your child attends and let them experiment with the new classroom. After all, this is a new world, and your child will be in a new environment.

Music education

Many benefits are offered by music education at nursery school. For instance, music enhances creativity, self-esteem, and motivation. It also develops motor skills. Children who play an instrument develop their hand-eye coordination. In addition, practicing music improves memory and helps children develop the necessary skills for school. Learning how to play an instrument also improves math and pattern recognition skills. Finally, the benefits of music education are endless.

Longer hours

A nursery school is a good choice for families who need to work but cannot leave their children alone. The teachers at this type of school are usually mothers, and their work schedules allow them to attend the school for longer hours. These longer hours help assess children’s progress and the quality of the teaching techniques employed by the teachers. They also provide extra help for children who need it. Longer hours at a nursery school are beneficial for both parents and children.

The average price of a nursery school is DH 4200 per place. This figure varies significantly by city, with the cost of a nursery school averaging DH 1400 and the same in other cities. Although the price per place may seem prohibitive, you can save money in other ways. Some preschools offer a payment plan, and some charge interest on the amount you spread out over the year.