October 6, 2022

When Should You Take Your Car For Service?

2 min read

You know when you should take your car for BMW service when you see the check engine light on your dashboard or hear the familiar rattling noise from under the hood. But what about other common signs of neglected car maintenance? Smoke or rattles coming from the hood? Ignoring these signs could end up costing you money and causing a safety hazard for you and other drivers.

Check engine light:

A check engine light can be a warning to make an appointment with a mechanic. A misdiagnosis or a DIY fix may cause further issues or cost more money than necessary. Whether you need to replace the catalytic converter or have other issues diagnosed, you need a trained professional to do the job.


If your car has rattles, it is likely a problem with the emissions system or exhaust system. This problem is easily repairable and will not cost you much money. Other causes of rattles are related to the underbody and hood of your vehicle. The exhaust system may be leaking fluid and causing a rattle or a rusted clamp resulting in a rattle. Either way, take your car to a service center and get it fixed.

Smoke coming out of the hood:

One of the first signs that your vehicle needs to be serviced is smoke from the hood. Smoke can be caused by several problems, including low oil pressure. If you notice low oil pressure, don’t drive your vehicle. Please take it to a mechanic to get your car diagnosed. Ignoring the issue can cause further damage, such as malfunctioning piston rings or stalling your engine.

Rattles are a sign of a neglected vehicle:

A rattle is one of the earliest warning signs of a car needing repairs. Rattles often originate from a faulty component in the engine. If left unchecked, these issues can lead to much worse problems and, eventually, a large repair bill. Luckily, most rattles are easy to fix and can be remedied quickly. To determine if your rattles are caused by a neglected vehicle, you can test its noise by pressing hard on the interior paneling, window trim, and handles. These common signs show your car needs proper repair and maintenance.