October 6, 2022

Which Chemicals Are Effective For Home Cleaning?

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Which Chemicals Are Effective For Home Cleaning?

You’re probably wondering, “Which chemicals are effective for home cleaning?” Hydrochloric acid, bleach, citric acid, and sodium hypochlorite are available options. But which one should you avoid? Using too much of one of these chemicals can cause serious health problems. It would help if you avoid contact with your eyes and skin. Read on to learn about the risks of these common household chemicals discussed by a reputable¬†disinfection service in Dubai.

Antibacterial cleaning chemicals:

Home cleaning products that contain antibacterial properties have many benefits. They kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Antibacterial cleaning products are ideal for homes constantly exposed to the elements. Unlike traditional cleaning solutions, they don’t leave behind residue. However, they do leave behind active chemicals that continue to kill bacteria. Over time, these residues can contribute to the growth of resistant bacteria. These bacteria develop special defence mechanisms to survive the stresses of the environment and can then reproduce while their weaker relatives die out.


While bleach is a powerful cleaning agent, it has some downsides. While bleach is safe for household cleaning, it’s not recommended for use on sensitive surfaces like windows and skin. Bleach also can be toxic when combined with other chemicals, making it an especially bad choice for people with respiratory conditions or asthma. Chlorine bleach is non-toxic, making it an ideal choice for many household cleaning projects. It also doesn’t harm groundwater, so it’s a safe choice for many cleaning tasks.

Citric acid:

You might be wondering if citric acid is safe for your home. The good news is that it is. This powerful ingredient is completely safe for your family and the environment. You can find citric acid products in the market with the safer choice label. The label ensures that a particular product uses cleaners made from safer ingredients. So, do not worry if you are allergic to the chemical ingredients found in the products.

Sodium hypochlorite:

Sodium hypochlorite is an effective disinfectant for home cleaning applications. However, it should be used only under a trained professional’s supervision and as directed on the packaging. For best results, always check the product’s compatibility before use. Also, use it only on inanimate surfaces, and wear protective gear, like rubber gloves. Store it out of reach of children.