How to Cook the Perfect Ramen Noodles

How to Cook the Perfect Ramen NoodlesFor some people, instant noodles are a part of their diets. They are readily available in most stores and are easy to prepare. Various flavors are also accessible for those who want to try out different tastes and textures. But if you are one of those looking for ways to cook your noodles right and enhance your favorite instant ramen brand, read and consider these six helpful tips.

Fully Boil Your Water

Most of the time, ramen noodles are either undercooked or overcooked because you didn’t boil your water right. If you want your noodles to look and taste perfect, heat your water until it bubbles before putting in your noodle cake. Doing so will prevent your noodles from absorbing too much water that will make them soggy. You’ll also avoid under-cooking your noodles and seasoning.

Add Baking Powder

Want your noodles to be chewy? Add a tablespoon of baking powder into your water after adding your noodles. The baking powder will act as an alkaline solution that cleanses your noodles and gives them a springy texture. You’ll feel like you’re eating high-class ramen noodles served in premier Japanese and Korean restaurants like those in Taguig City, Philippines.

Change the Water for Soup

It may seem convenient for you to keep your boiled water for your soup, but it is best to throw it away. The wax residue of your noodle cakes may have harmful effects on your health. While cooking your noodles, boil a separate water for your broth. If you have a cozier kitchen space, a must-have if you’re considering a pre-selling condo in Makati, drain your noodles and add a new batch of water before adding your seasoning and other ingredients. By changing your water for soup, you’ll have delicious noodles without risking wax build-up inside your body.

Heat Your Bowl with Hot Water

Ramen tastes more delicious when it is hot. If you want your noodles to remain hot from the stovetop until you serve them, heat your bowl with hot water. After two or three minutes, get rid of the water, then place your noodles. You may also put in a new batch of hot water, then your noodles and seasoning. Heating your bowl before serving your noodles will keep your ramen hot and delicious for a longer time.

Add Pepper and Cheese

Most instant ramen packs have their default seasonings and oil. Sure, they may be delicious alone, but you can add a few more ingredients to enhance the flavor of your noodles. A dash of black pepper will bring out a bit of spice and fragrance that will make you want another bowl. Add a few cubes of cheese to make your broth creamier and more flavorful.

Add Milk

Suppose you want to amplify the creaminess or experiment with your ramen recipe. After draining the water, add a half cup of water and milk to make your broth. Your ramen will taste more savory and have a fluffier texture. Think of it as having a carbonara-like broth with a few spices.

Cooking instant ramen is a convenient way to ease your hunger or to satisfy your cravings. By cooking your noodles in boiling water, cooking your broth separately, and adding other ingredients with your seasoning, you’ll create the perfect ramen dish. If you’re sharing it with your loved ones, prepare for them to ask for second helpings!

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