June 20, 2024

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Vape

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4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Vape

Whether you’re looking to replace your old e-cig or upgrade your entire vape system, there are some key signs you need to watch out for. Some of the most common issues include a bad coil and burning taste. There are also gurgling sounds and a leaky vape. If you’ve noticed one of these symptoms, it’s time to buy vape from reputable¬†vape shops in Abu Dhabi.

Burning taste:

If you have noticed that your e-juice is not tasting as fresh as it used to, the chances are high that your coil has died. This can occur regardless of what kind of e-juice you’re using or whether you’ve made any mods to your device. It would help if you replaced the coil as soon as possible, as waiting too long could damage your vape device.

Less vapor:

If you’ve noticed that your vape has been churning out less vapor, then it’s time to replace it. This is because your e-liquid is becoming diluted and can cause the vapor to be less than a drop. Another tell-tale sign of a faulty e-liquid is a change in taste. It may be odd or bland or even completely tasteless. It might also have a different color in your vape tank.

Gurgling sound:

If your e-cigarette has a gurgling sound, you should consider getting a new coil for it. This sound can occur when your coil is not installed correctly or if there is a problem with your vape mod. In any case, a gurgling sound is an indication that your device needs replacement. To fix the problem, unscrew the coil and replace it. Check its holes to ensure that there is no problem with your e-cig coil.

Another tell-tale sign you need a new e-cigarette is a gurgling sound while inhaling. This noise can be caused by either a clogged coil or an overload of e-liquid. Because the e-liquid must be heated before it vaporizes, if your e-cigarette is making a gurgling sound, you need to get a new device.

Leaky e-cig:

A leaky e-cigarette is one of the tell-tale signs you need to get e-cigs repaired or replaced. Leaking liquid may appear from the tank’s airflow system, your clothing, or even work notes. Leaking e-liquid may be odorous or sticky and could even be dangerous.